Fancy two new fragrances every month to keep your home smelling beautiful?

Every month two packets of our lovely wax discs will drop through your letter box.

Within the box you will find two packets each containing 6 large Natural Harmony discs.

Included in the box, one scent from our signature or limited edition seasonal ranges,

the other fragrance will be an exclusive scent just for our subscription members, thoughtfully chosen to reflect the time of year.


How does it work?

Your Natural Harmony subscription box is just £13 per month and includes shipping.

Please purchase your subscription separately from other purchases.

To order your first box of discs please checkout before the last working day of the month to receive the following months box.

The day you subscribe will be your payment date every month.

On the 2nd of each month, or the following working day where applicable, your box will be shipped to you.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing us at