Natural Harmony is an eco-friendly brand.

 Candle Wax:

Our candle wax is a blend of rapeseed oil and coconut oil. Nothing else. It' s completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives and dyes. 

Fragrance Oils:

Our fragrance oils are of the highest quality, are vegan and free of parabens.


Our wicks are crafted from unbleached cotton and interwoven with a linen thread.

Candle & Wax Disc Cotton Bags:

The Natural Harmony Logo is hand stamped onto our undyed natural cotton bags using a soy-based ink. They are reusable and compostable.

Wax Melt Bags:

Our wax melt bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free. 

Diffuser Base:

The oils are predominantly rapeseed and sunflower oils. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that no animal products or animal testing have been used at any stage during its manufacture. Additionally, no antioxidants, preservatives, nanomaterials or glycol ethers are used at any stage of its manufacture.

Postal Packaging:
Our postal boxes are made from recycled paper/cardboard and are fully recyclable. We use cardboard filler, and the packaging tape is made from a kraft paper. Our tissue paper is also 100% recyclable. 

Our Suppliers:

Are based in the UK helping us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We only use suppliers who share our eco-friendly ethics.

Can I See Your Safety Data Sheets (SDS)? 

If you'd like to see the safety data sheet for our products, please do get in touch using our contact page. 

EU & IFRA Regulations:

All our products are compliant with EU and IFRA regulations. Please see the base of our candles, diffusers and the back of our wax melt bags for our CLP labels, listing the specific ingredients contained in the fragrance oil used. For details of our IFRA certificates please do get in touch using our contact page.


Candle Safety Advice:

Place your candle on a flat heat resistant surface away from draughts & flammable materials. Always trim the wick before each burn.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. When there is only 5mm of wax left it is time to say goodbye to your candle.
Excess wax can be scooped out & placed in your "green" waste bin. Never leave a candle burning whilst unattended.

Never pick up the candle glass whilst hot. Keep out of reach of children/pets.